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Below is where you can find the 350 content specific vocabulary words for biology.  You will have until the end of the month to have all 350 vocabulary words written down on your notecards and secured with a book ring for your first project grade.  Yes, I know this is tedious, however this assignment will truly benefit you by the end of the school year.  You will not have time in class to go over these terms or to write them down so be sure to utilize all your resources such as this website and textbook.  We want to knock out these terms early so we can focus on learning in the classroom by doing science activities.  The vocabulary test is not until the second week of December.  However if you feel like you have master the terms and ready to join the 350 club, find myself (Mr. Uchime), Ms. Robinson, and/or Mrs. Byrd-Troupe to schedule your 350 club membership exam.  If you are one of the first three students to join the Club (90% on the 100 vocabulary word assessment), you will receive an automatic season pass to Six Flags for the 2017 Six Flags Season.  Good luck.


The List of Vocabulary Terms to Join the 350 Club

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