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In this section you will find POWER notes and regular notes for Biology. The notes are presented in the order in which they will be delivered in class for the entire school year. Classroom notes will slowly be added overtime because of the original nature of the notes. I create my content from scratch and some times that takes a little longer. Some of the more complex topics will be covered via YouTube video or Small Clips.

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Unit 0- Introduction to Science

Click Here for Scientific Method Notes

***August 08, 2017 until September 15, 2017***

Unit 1 – Characteristics of Life (SB4 elements a-c) 

Click Here for Characteristics of Life Part I (SB4 c)

Click Here for Characterisitics of Life Part II

Click Here for Interpreting Cladograms (SB4 b)

Click Here for Classification and Viruses (SB4 a and c)

***September 18, 2017 until November 03, 2017 ***

Unit 2- Energy and Classification (SB1 elements a-e and SB4 element a)

Click Here for Notes Over the Cell Theory and Organelles Part I (SB1 a)

Click Here for Notes Cell-Theory-Organelles-Part II

Click Here for Notes over Macromolecules

Click Here for Notes over Enzymes:Biological Catalyst

Click Here for Notes over Cellular Transport: Movement throughout the Cell 

Click Here for the Unit 2 Study Guide


***November 06, 2017 until December 22, 2017 ***

Unit 3- Genetics, reproduction and heredity (SB1 element b, SB2 elements a-c and SB3 a-c elements)

Click Here for DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis Notes (SB2 a)

 Click here for The Cell Cycle- Mitosis and Meiosis Notes (SB1 b and SB3c)

Watch the following YouTube Video for more clarity on Mitosis

Watch the following YouTube Video for more clarity on Meiosis

Click here for Genetics and Heredity Notes (SB3a and SB3b)

DNA Technology Notes (SB2c)

Click here for the Unit 3 Study Guide


****January 08, 2018 through February 15, 2018 ****

Unit 4- Evolution (SB6 a, SB6b, SB6c, SB6d, and SB6e)

Click Here for Evolution Notes

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3 

****February 26, 2018 through March 30, 2018 ****

Unit 5- Ecology (SB5a, SB5b, SB5c, SB5d, and SB5e)

Click Here for Ecology Notes

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